Our Rums

Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve Rum is the flagship of the SVDL line of quality rum products. A consistent gold award winner in international competitions, Captain Bligh has a unique, smooth, palatable flavour associated with well-aged rum. 40% alc/vol

Mutineers Gold XO Special Reserve Rum is St.Vincent Distiller’s premium export rum. Distilled in the lush foothills of the Soufriere volcano and aged over time in oak casks, Mutineers Gold has a warm, subtle taste of honey and dark sugar, giving it a mellow finish. 40% alc/vol.

SLR is a full proof, white rum with a clean, smooth taste. Great for cocktails or on the rocks. A consistent award award winner in international competitions. 40% alc/vol.

Sunset Very Strong Rum is an overproof white rum with a robust, youthful spirit. Best in mixed drinks and cocktails. 84.5% alc/vol.

Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum is a mellow, golden spirit with a hint of molasses. 40% alc/vol.

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